Mapdoc card is a Ghost extension card which provides 2D/3D map/globe view. The main features include:

  • Multiple base layers support. We provides prebuilt base layers from Mapbox and Cesium. In order to use this base map layers, you need to get related API-Keys from Mapbox and Cesium.
  • Prebuilt support for Terrain powered by Cesium which bring the virtual earth view.
  • Powerful geocoding toolbox which enables you search POI, boundary, shape of building, geography coordinates, including the height of camera, and orientation of the camera in heading, pitch, roll format.
  • Routing plan toolbox, which enables the management of a route, include add a way-point, remove a way-point, adjust the way-point order, etc.
  • Rich style of drawing, including Markers, Polylines, Polygons, with easy modification.
  • Multiple layer management, which enables the re-order of any element on map, including drawing, POI markers, etc.
  • Multiple scene management that could be used with storytelling scene indicator provided by the storytelling theme. Each scene is composed by a certain position of camera (longitude, latitude, height, heading, pitch, roll) and base layer and terrain layer settings.A optional animation parameters is also available.
  • Easy animation management. Each scene has an optional animation parameters. Two main animation is support: Look At and Rotate.


Register mapdoc card in Ghost is very simple. Just open the config.production.json or config.development.json file in any favorite editor, add the following lines in "extCards" object:

  "label": "Mapdoc",
  "iconUrl": "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ilovebug/ma[email protected]/globe.svg",
  "matches": ["map", "globe"],
  "type": "card",
  "replaceArg": "extension",
  "payload": {
    "editorComponentName": "ghost-mapdoc-editor",
    "editorSrc": "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ilovebug/[email protected]/ddmap-editor.js",
    "editorStyle": "width: 100%; height: 61.8vh; min-height: 570px",
    "viewerComponentName": "ghost-mapdoc-viewer",
    "viewerSrc": "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ilovebug/[email protected]/ddmap-viewer.js",
    "options": {
      "tokens": {

After modify the config file, restart Ghost and goto https://your.site.com/ghost, create a new post, you can see the mapdoc card appears in the extension card list.

Free Upgrade

As the license strategy is based on subscription, you can always get the upgrade and update without extra fee. Once a new release is available, the subscriber will get email notification about the release notes and migration instructions.


Here are some demos, justo have a try and have fun!

Demo of storytelling
Cool demos powered by storytelling template and extension cards!

Subscribe for the License

Thanks to the universal extension card mechanism, you don't need to download the extension card package and do further installation. Just register the related configuration and everything should work.

But you do need to get a license for mapdoc card. Currently mapdoc card license is based on subscription. You can click the following button to get a license key: