Our storytelling theme is a customized version from Ghost official Lyra theme. In the storytelling theme, we have a customized post template which enables automatic content layout for storytelling content.

Story Sections

The whole story is composed by several sections. Each section starts with full-width card. The full-wide card could be a full wide image, full wide video, or full width extension card such as 'mapdoc', etc.

Sidecar Layout

Each part of the story will be displayed in a left and right layout. When the reader scrolls to the visible range of a certain part, its full-wide card will be fixed in the right panel, and its narrative content will be placed in the left panel and displayed continuously with the content of other parts.

Scenes of the Section

We have pre-built multiple scene support for expansion cards in the storytelling template. You can insert multiple "scene" indicators in your post, each "scene" indicator corresponds to a scene in a full-wide card. When the reading progress reaches the position of the scene indicator, our template will switch that full-wide card view to the corresponding scene.

Layout for Small Screen Portrait Mode

Storytelling template works well for landscape mode. For the mobile users, the left-right layout is not user-friendly in the portrait mode.

If the browser window is in portrait mode, our layout will change to fix-on-top mode automatically. The full-wide card will be fixed on the top of the window when its related section is visible.

Apply Layout by One Click

The is no special work needed when you want to change the layout of posts which contain one or more full-wide cards. Just go to the setting panel, select the "storytelling-sidecar" template and save. That's all, pretty simple, right? the

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Cover Image: Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash